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NYC Job Search approaches the search process based on our proprietary IT + Business Mapping Methodology. This is a unique means of conducting the search for project and full-time consultants. Key steps include:

  • Identifying the unique mix of skills required to be the ideal match for the IT services requirement.
  • Making certain that there is a match between the consultant’s personality and the company’s culture.
  • Looking beyond the IT skills alone to seek evidence that the consultant has the necessary business skills\experience\instinct to comprehend and act on the wider context of his or her role in serving the business. Often there is an intersection of IT and business issues: we want to be certain our consultants have a holistic view, in the cases where this is important.

NYC Job Search’ 1 – 2 – 3 Mapping Methodology:
First, we meet with prospective client / client at their office location and get a sense of the company culture / company environment. Then we find out:

  • The size of IT department
  • The IT department make-up (i.e. number of programmers, analysts, network administrators, managers, etc.)
  • IT department hierarchy
  • Company benefits / pros of working there
  • Whether the company needs 100% techies or techies with a strong business background
  • What the technology environment consist of (software, hardware, o/s)
  • The types of applications
  • The company’s future IT direction

Second, we review every Job Order (J/O) received in great detail. This includes:

  • Making a list of questions and follow up with the IT Manager via telephone to receive answers
  • Receiving clarification from the client regarding the “must have technical skills” and the “nice to have technical skills”.
  • Finding out about project length and duration.
  • We also determine whether telecommuting and flex hours are allowed, the salary level and bonus level for full-time consultants.

The third step is the recruiting process. NYC Job Search posts ads on selected Job Boards and in technical magazines. Then, we search job boards and our internal, proprietary database. We also engage in ongoing networking.
NYC Job Search sends out qualifying questions to all candidates that submitted a resume. We review qualifying questions / resumes and call candidates that meet the requirements. Via phone we further qualify candidates by verifying personality and communication skills. If necessary, NYC Job Search meets the candidate in person. After the candidate passes our stringent test, we send the resume to the client with a detailed write up.